Men’s Slimming Belt


Men’s Heavy Duty Slimming Belt

When a little extra compression is needed.


The Slimming Belt For The Bigger Man

When our slimming vest isn’t enough, we’ve got the nuclear option: the men’s slimming belt.

Skinny jeans needn’t be a thing of past (if that’s your fashion persuasion) with the belt for the big boys. This piece of underwear body shaping engineering is designed to reign in those sporting The Mountain physique.

It’s going to hundreds of beers off your midsection, and help you get back that “V” shape hiding within you. That “V” shape that Charlie Atlas still tells us is so pleasing to women.

You just need to excuse yourself and take a quick trip to the bathroom – and make sure the light’s out – before you snuck under her covers.


Note: Do not select the same size as your normal clothing; 1-2cm size difference is to be allowed.

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S (85cm), M (90cm), L (95cm), XL(100cm), XXL (105cm), XXXL (110cm)


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