Slimming Vest

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Men’s Slimming And Shaping Body Vest

Because sometimes you need to hack that gym time too.



Short circuit that gym and diet plan and get the shape you need now with our men’s slimming vest!

The front of the vest contains engineered spandex structures, designed to hug, firm and form the stomach area, resulting in a desirable athletic look for the wearer.

The sides of the vest are designed to hold in the love handles. The front flattens and forms the stomach area, and the upper part of the vest shapes the chest, giving a firmer look, and removing “moobs.”

Reducing the size of your waistline, clothes will fit better, you’ll feel better, and you can sport slim fit and tailored fashion items once again. The low neck line of the vest means you can wear it under any item.

Order Our Men’s Slimming Vest And Drop Your Waist Size Today!

how to wear and sizes for men's slimming vest

Please follow our guidelines on choosing a correct size for this product:

  • 1. Use similar clothing to compare with the size.
  • 2. Choose a larger size than your flat measurement by the size chart, allowing for an additional 1-3cm.

Be aware that the tag size that comes with the garment isn’t applicable to every market. Sizes can sometimes be a larger than the description size because due to continental differences. This item is typically 1 or 2 sizes smaller than the same size listed for European and American buyers.

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Cotton, Nylon, Polyester Blends


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3 reviews for Slimming Vest

  1. CraigBarnes

    Holds in the love handles and moobs. Fitting into stuff I’ve not had on in ages. Recommend.

  2. RHBarlow

    Not been to the gym in years. Don’t know that when I’ve got this on. 2nd order for me now.

  3. MattSavvy

    Good product. Don’t expect it to transform you but it holds everything in.

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